how did boris travel to balmoral

How Did Boris Johnson Travel to Balmoral?

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, visited Balmoral Castle on September 10, 2019 as part of his official visit. Balmoral Castle is the royal residence of the British royal family in Scotland.

Mode of Transportation

Boris Johnson traveled to Balmoral in a helicopter accompanied by members of his staff. The Royal Air Force provided Johnson with a BAe 146 aircraft, the same type of aircraft that the British royal family often utilizes for their travels.

Security Measures

Security was tight for Johnson’s visit, with a convoy of armoured vehicles and police officers securing his route as he travelled by road from the helicopter landing spot to the Castle. The security measures ensured no disruption to the visit, allowing Johnson to spend a few hours in conversation with The Queen.


The visit of any government leader is of great importance and it is of utmost priority to make sure that the visit goes without any issues. Furthermore, if the visit is a high-profile one, like Boris Johnson’s visit to Balmoral, then it is essential to take all necessary security measures to ensure that the visit is peaceful and secure. Additionally, it is recommended to use the aircraft that is most suitable for the purpose to ensure convenience and stay away from any hiccups.

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