what time does sports direct close

What Time Does Sports Direct Close?

Sports Direct is a popular sportswear retailer with stores across the UK and Europe. They offer a wide range of sporting goods, including clothing, equipment, footwear and accessories. With so many stores, it can be hard to keep track of opening times. So what time does Sports Direct close?

Sports Direct Opening Hours

Sports Direct opening hours vary from store to store, but most locations open from 10am until 6pm from Monday to Saturday. Many stores are also open on Sunday from 10am to 4pm. However, some stores may have different opening times. It’s best to check the opening hours for your local Sports Direct store before visiting.

Closing Times at Sports Direct

The closing times for Sports Direct stores usually follow the same pattern as their opening times. Most stores close at 6pm from Monday to Saturday and 4pm on Sundays. However, it’s best to check the exact times for your local store before visiting.


If you’re planning on making a visit to Sports Direct it’s recommended to check the opening hours of your local store in advance. That way you can make sure you don’t miss out on the items you want. It’s also a good idea to take a look at the store’s website to find out about any upcoming promotions and offers.

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