what to eat before gym


What to Eat Before Gym

Exercising with an empty stomach can lead to low energy levels, indigestion and dehydration. Eating before the gym can help to provide the necessary fuel and focus to get through a workout. However, it’s not recommended to eat an entire meal before the gym. Instead, the ideal pre-gym snack should be easy to digest and low in fat for energy without feeling bloated.

Timing Matters

The timing of a pre-gym snack depends on when and how long the workout lasts. If the goal is to do cardio or a weightlifting session, it’s best to eat something light at least an hour before. This allows enough time for digestion and to avoid any potential stomach issues while exercising.

Healthy Snack Options

High-quality protein helps to sustain energy levels and can be found in nuts, hardboiled eggs, Greek yogurt and peanut butter. Carbs are essential for energy and can be found in certain fruits, vegetables, oats and granolas. Healthy fats provide energy and essential nutrients for the body and some examples are avocado, salmon and egg yolks.


For an optimal pre-gym snack, it’s recommended to combine protein, carbs, and healthy fats. Some examples are: a banana and nut butter, rice cakes with avocado, or a protein smoothie. It’s also recommended to eat simple meals or snacks while exercising and to stay hydrated throughout the workout.

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