where can you travel unvaccinated

Traveling Unvaccinated: What Are the Options?

For many, travel is an essential part of life, yet the need to receive vaccines can cause problems for those who wish to explore the world unvaccinated. Though receiving vaccinations is often mandatory when traveling to certain locations, there are still some options for travelers looking to stay unvaccinated.

Domestic Travel

The U.S. is home to many incredible destinations, and traveling domestically is generally a safe and great option for those looking to travel without receiving any vaccinations. In many cases, domestic travelers will only be asked to show proof of a recent negative COVID-19 test, but due to the variability of each state’s travel guidelines, research should be conducted prior to booking any trips.

Countries With Exemption Policies

Though there is no definitive list of countries that allow unvaccinated travelers, some that have implemented Covid-19 exemption policies for those arriving from certain countries include Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

It is important that travelers interested in visiting these destinations stay up to date on the latest requirements since these policies can and do change.


No matter which destination travelers choose, precautions and research should always be taken. Although there are additional safety risks associated with traveling unvaccinated, staying informed and aware of the situation will ensure travelers make the best and safest decision possible. Additionally, wearing a mask and practicing social distancing while traveling can mitigate an already high risk of virus exposure, further protecting travelers and those around them.

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